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Modbus TCP Security - Modbus Ethernet Firewall
PortBloque E

Modbus Ethernet Firewall

$495 USD
Made in California



PortBloque™ ("port block") E protects serial Modbus devices from Internet threats

Hides the Modbus network from intruders 
Stealth mode is the intrusion prevention feature that strengthens port security. Any Internet probe, scan, intrusion, or hostile attack is completely ignored, as if the packet were lost in space.
Blocks unauthorized Internet access
All TCP/IP traffic is restricted by default and only expected traffic is allowed (per origin, destination, protocol, and port).  

Inspects Modbus query contents
Deep packet inspection (DPI) filters queries. Modbus function codes, registers, and values that you have not explicitly permitted are blocked. And the safeguard time is a feature that serves to block a query that is repeated too often, which can help prevent safety violations.  

Creates real-time logs
Internet and system activity can be sent to a syslog server for analysis at a later time. Key metrics are reported on the dashboard.  

Converts Ethernet-to-serial
The internal protocol converter enables Modbus RTU/ASCII slaves to be Modbus TCP/IP connected. Supports RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 interfaces.

Sets up in minutes
The simple, intuitive web interface lets you create Ethernet rules and Modbus rules quickly. 

Provides secure web interface
The web interface is login-secured and firewall-protected so only computers that you specify are permitted access.
PortBloque E Modbus TCP Security Diagram
Ethernet rules are used to close attack vectors in the control system space while Modbus rules protect slaves by blocking commands that could lead to harmful consequences. 

With a few clicks and fill-ins, you can define Modbus function codes, registers, values, and safeguard time. Take a look at how easy it is:

Enter the Modbus device IDs.
Security - Modbus device IDs
Select the types of Modbus function codes you want those devices to receive.
Security - Modbus function codes
Add your own function codes if needed.  
Security - custom codes
Define register and value ranges.
Security - Modbus addresses
Enter the amount of time to wait before a Modbus command can be repeated.
Security - Time between Modbus command
PortBloque E

Firewall Rules
   ■  Modbus deep packet inspection (DPI):
- Device IDs: single or group, incl. broadcast ID 
- Function codes:  
       1-8, 11,12, 15-17, 20-24, 43, and four user-defined codes                                
- Registers 
- Values
   ■  Bidrectional filtering 
   ■  Safeguard time between repeated commands
   ■  Access control list
   ■  Stealth mode (makes Modbus ports invisible)
   ■  Source IP, Protocol, and Port 

Ethernet-to-Serial Conversion
   ■  Ethernet
- Modbus TCP/UDP 
- Modbus RTU over TCP/UDP 
- Modbus ASCII over TCP/UDP
   ■  Serial
- Modbus RTU/ASCII

   ■  RS-485 2-wire, RS-422 4-wire, RS-232
   ■  Slave: 10-pin terminal block
   ■  Slave: DB9
   ■  Management: DB9
   ■  Host/Web: RJ45 Ethernet (10/100BaseT)

Web Management
   ■  Easy click configuration 
   ■  Login-secure levels: Superuser, User 
   ■  Dashboard firewall metrics



PortBloque E
$495.00 USD
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