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Change for the better.

When it comes to networks, the word "Security" is often associated with complexity and high-cost. Let’s not forget intrusive. And the exotic skills you’ll need to understand what you are doing.  Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. Our products will completely change your perspective

Security That's Fit for ICS and SCADA 
Our products are purpose-built for securing M2M applications. This is because security runs transparent to host applications. And protocol conversion enables applications to communicate to serial devices over the Internet. 

Radically More Simple 
We do our best to make products as easy to use as possible. And we preloaded settings and optimized security to make setup fast. Moreover, our products install without change to the network or your application.

Very Low Cost 
You’ll find our prices are far lower than those of our competitors. There are never any license fees. No per-user fees.
Oh, and our technical support is always free.

Our Solutions